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MHAbooks has just launched a comic book adaptation of the Sven Hassel classic, LEGION OF THE DAMNED

Legion of Damned, a comic book adaptation

In collaboration with Johan Jernhed, the illustrator of the book, MHAbooks has launched a new comic book series of LEGION OF THE DAMNED. The first in the series, BOOK ONE, is currently on sale at Amazon, Kobo and iTunes as an ebook and POD, Print On Demand. The book is a close adaptation to the original novel and is about 40 pages long, covering the first few chapters. LEGION OF THE DAMNED was the first novel written by Sven Hassel, in 1945, and during his time serving as a prisoner of war.

In 2015, Phoenix publishing house, under the Orion umbrella, released a graphic novel adaptation of WHEELS OF TERROR.

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