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Orion has rebranded the series with new cover designs, an author’s page, and a special “Sven Hassel Collection” with all 14 books and exclusive extra material to be on sale at a later date.

Sven Hassel enews 2013 Orion Publishing eBook

Orion Publishing Group is launching a completely rebranded Sven Hassel E-Book compilation. The new covers are truly reminiscent of the series’ roots and original covers from the 50’s-60’s. “Legion of the Damned,” “Comrades of War,” “March Battalion,” and “Wheels of Terror” are available for purchase directly from Orion through various outlets including iTunes and for Amazon.

“Liquidate Paris”, “Assignment Gestapo”, “Reign of Hell”, “Monte Casino” and “SS General” wil be available for sale in early October.

Please see their link below:

The idea behind the cover designs are expressed below from the designer himself (courtesy of Orion Group Publishing):

“The new Sven Hassel designs were conceived as ebook only covers intially and needed to work strongly at a range of sizes and resolutions.

The typography was established first along with a weather-beaten feel for the set to complement the gritty nature of the books.

It was decided that photography would be a good way to differentiate the series from the past illustrative look and the use of strong colours and filters was an attempt to push them more in the direction of fiction style artwork and away from the arena of military history.” – Dan Mogford

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