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The Sven Hassel umbrella is managed by MHAbooks who holds the exclusive worldwide rights to the books, eBooks, audiobooks, TV, film, and merchandise rights.

The Sven Hassel series (fourteen best-selling books) have sold more than 53 million copies worldwide – fifteen million in the UK alone. The titles are as follows: Legion of the Damned, Wheels of Terror, Comrades of War, March Battalion, Assignment Gestapo, Monte Cassino, Liquidate Paris!, SS General, Reign of Hell, Blitzfreeze, Bloody Road to Death, Court Martial, O.G.P.U Prison, and The Commissar.

The novels have seen an ongoing rebranding and printing cycle since their first publishing date and have been released in multiple editions throughout the years. Current Publishers include The Orion Publishing Group in the English-language market, Egmont Publishing in other various territories, and RCS MediaGroup S.p.A. (formerly Rizzoli) in Italy. In the digital market, both as eBooks and audiobooks, the novels are experiencing a new life, with an increased success that seems to grow annually in various languages (English, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, German, and French, etc.).

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