Dove Of Peace

A message of Peace

In light of recent international developments, we haven’t been able to stop thinking about Sven Hassel’s message of anti-war sentiments embedded in his life’s work. Despite what a government’s leadership and actions chooses, it still may not represent the views of its citizens. War should not ever have to be a choice. Instead, protecting human rights, adhering to non violent measures to manage conflict, peaceful dialogue, and sticking to international law, should always take precedence. We stand with all those affected by the ongoing crisis.

Sven Hassel wrote the following excerpt, in Blitzfreeze, first published in 1973:

“The dead metallic crackle of machine-guns
Echoed in the cold silence.
The tramp of boots, sounding like shots,
The yelp of a dog,
Human screams.
Crying children, murdered women
In the last sunlight of a dying day.
Never forget it, the blood of the murdered,
It was war -“

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