Reign of Hell

Reign of Hell - Sven Hassel

“As a dazzling realistic drama Sven Hassel unrolls the insurrection of the Polish home army in Warsaw in the autumn of 1944.”


Nouvelles Littéraires, France




“We were gathered outside the Krasinski Theatre, lost in contemplation of a photograph of two naked girls, when Tiny came lumbering excitedly up the road towards us.

– Hey! Look what I’ve got! He shouted.

We dragged our eyes reluctantly away from the photograph. Tiny was carrying a couple of squalling, spitting cats by the scuff of their necks.

– Food! said Porta, his face lighting up.

– Food be buggered, retorted Tiny. -These cats ain’t food. These is racing cats.

– Knickers, said Gregor, making a grab at one of them. -Why don’t we skin ’em and flog ’em to the SS as rabbit? Make a fortune.

– Piss off out of it! snarled Tiny.

The cat reached out a claw and slashed viciously at Gregor’s face. We all took a couple of hasty steps backwards.

– So what you got ’em for? Demanded Porta, aggressively.

– What you got ’em for if we ain´t going to eat ’em and we ain’t going to flog ’em?

– I told you, said Tiny, tucking an animal under each arm.

– They’re racing cats, ain’t they? Been specially trained for the job…”

Translated into the following languages as:

BRAZILIAN: O Batalhao Maldito
CHINESE: (Reign of Hell)
CROATIAN: Carstvo Pakla
CZECH: Vláda Pekel
DANISH (org. language): Kommando Reichsführer Himmler
DUTCH: Kommando Reichsführer Himmler
ENGLISH: Reign of Hell
FINNISH: Petetty Armeija
FRENCH: Commando Reichsführer Himmler
GERMAN: Wo die Hölle regiert
HUNGARIAN: Pokoljárás
ITALIAN: Commando Himmler
ICELANDIC: Martröd Undanhaldsins
NORWEGIAN: Kommando Reichsführer Himmler
POLISH: Królestwo Piekiel
PORTUGUESE: O Assalto a Varsovia
ROMANIAN: Imperiul Iadului
SLOVENIAN: Vladavina Pekla
SERBIAN: Carstvo Pakla
SPANISH: Comando Reichsführer Himmler
SWEDISH: Kommando Reichsführer Himmler
THAI: (Reign of Hell)
TURKISH: Cehennem Kralligi