Dove Of Peace

A message of Peace

In light of recent international developments, we haven’t been able to stop thinking about Sven Hassel’s message of anti-war sentiments embedded in his life’s work. Despite what a government’s leadership and actions chooses, it still may not represent the views of its citizens. War should not ever have to be a choice. Instead, protecting human...Continue reading

Setting for Book Signing

100.000 Sven Hassel novels sold in 2020

The Sven Hassel Series, a compilation of 14 novels, has been in continuous sale for nearly 70 years. The novels have sold an impressive number of copies all over the world and translated into 25 different languages. The total sales figures since the first release are far above 50 million copies sold. We are proud...

A Victory Parade

A Victory Parade

In the 1970's Hassel's UK leading Publisher, Corgi, created a poster for marketing purposes that showcased a dramatic, thrilling and enticing set-up for the novels. The author was one of their top-selling writers. Even though the years have passed this is still one of the more loved posters created of the books. Today, Hassel’s novels...Continue reading

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