Olaf Gynt Monolith

A Poet’s salute to our greatest portrayer of the darkest years of Europe

In 1971, Danish Poet Olaf Gynt, sent Sven Hassel the following poem, meant as an ode to Hassel’s narrative work portraying the years during the War. Originally written in the Danish language and translated byt Hassel’s family to English.

A Poet’s salute to our greatest portrayer of the darkest years of Europe.

Sven Hassel raises a monument of horror
in his bloody and tough books –.
Tightening strings of an orchestra of terror!
Like a hidden safety, it all looks!
It has all happened. That’s right!
Here we see Mars, the red star, twinkle!
For world war III be ready we might?
This can Sven Hassel’s master books wrinkle!

It was a game of cards about world destiny,
a horrifying epoch for our generation!
But these works can us arm breathlessly,
so Satan never again wins frustration!
Seven veils are drawn over our sight, and time
must shield us against the next holocaust.
Here’s a man with bitter knowledge of a crime –
he halts the world, before it is lost!

Sven Hassel is a sparkling storyteller,
Denmark’s Maxim Gorki, shortly told!
NOW we must secure world peace better
or all offer to the mad war demon blindfold!
These novels are here just in time to heal!
An enormous warning of our belief!
Wonder if war bells for the third time will peal?
A GLOBAL FEVER NIGHT…a cruel motif!

we see through pictures of angst and nightmare.
Here is a wit, which corrodes and glints simply!
And common sense can still us beware!
Sven Hassel calls wisely for tears and laughter,
backs it all asking strongly for peace.
Have you read his books, READ THEM THEREAFTER:
Each of them is a classic masterpiece!

Of legion of the damned is told,
so we all understand spell-binding!
A milestone in writing is paroled:
Those responsible, must be minding!
Will it all happen again? No, never more!
These books recommend TEAM WORK, brother!
Are there more? Comrades of War!
SVEN HASSEL talks clearly to uncover!

Soon glittering humor…soon so tragical,
That our heart winces under angst and tears!
SVEN HASSEL…his style is magical!
His novels give wise advices in our ears!
Here is a frank man, who knows it all
and gives us hard and integrated stuff!
For you and me his wisdom to recall.
Of readers will Sven never get enough!

Gentofte, Denmark 1971

With salute to the world’s best storyteller of war.

            Olaf Gynt

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