Sven Hassel eNews 2013 Norwegian Publisher

Special launch of a Sven Hassel Anniversary Edition from Norwegian Publisher NOVA

The book is titled The Glorious Defeat, named after the author´s unpublished manuscript, which describes the end of the war and the events in Berlin.

The publisher, Jan S. Hervig, learned about this manuscript many years ago, and picked up the idea again last year in connection with the Anniversary Project. Contract was signed with MHAbooks in December 2012.

The manuscript The Glorious Defeat will be the most important part of the book, but it will also include 5 additional stories that are unknown to most readers; about the assassination of Hitler and events that were important in Sven´s life towards the end of the war. These stories were published in Norway in 1958, but they are not part of the series.

The Glorious Defeat will also present highlights from Sven Hassel’s 14 novels, a portrait of the author together with private pictures, and finally the last official interview with Sven Hassel from June 2010.

The interest in The Glorious Defeat is significant in Norway, where nearly a million Hassel books have been sold over the past 50 years.

Anyone who has questions about the project may contact the publisher, Jan S. Hervig, via email:

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