Sven Hassel eNews 2012 Passing

Sven Hassel’s passing

It is with a deep sorrow and a void in our hearts that we inform you of Sven Hassel’s passing, this Friday September 21st, at 95 years of age. Sven’s health had been deteriorating rapidly, especially in the last few days, and although he fought bravely till the end, his heart finally gave away. It lightens our grief to know that he is now finally at rest and reunited with his beloved wife.

Sven had a contagious laughter that came straight from the heart. He had an incredible will-force, which he at times carried with a serious expression, a product of surviving the horrors of war. But in reality this expression hid a soul full of passion for life and a child-like wonder, only a special few are able to keep in their adult life. He was a survivor, a fighter, a storyteller and a dreamer.

While Sven has left us behind to continue his journey onward, we will forever find the essence of him in his 14 books that narrate the story of his experiences in WWII along with his platoon and comrades of war. It was his hope that these books would depict the terrors of wars so that the younger generations would dedicate their lives to saving men and not destroying them.

We wanted to sincerely thank readers and alike for the heartwarming messages and condolences left for Sven Hassel on his facebook page and on the guestbook page. It is overwhelmingly touching to know that he was so valued by many and has given others countless hours of reading and moments shared through generations within families. Thank you!

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