Sven Hassel eNews 2013 Annual Frankfurt Book Fair

The Annual Frankfurt Book Fair

News from the various territories include:

“The Glorious Defeat” is to be published in Denmark and Sweden this fall, and there is a definite interest in Croatia and Poland.

In the English language territory, Orion Publishing Group is in the midst of a complete Sven Hassel rebrand and marketing, including 14 new covers, an omnibus collection with exclusive extra material, a Sven Hassel author page, and more to come.

In Spain, 6 titles have been sold to LU, and they are currently in distribution. Likewise, in Iceland, 2 titles have been sold. In China, the 7-title deal has been published and is available on sale.

Moreso, our social media efforts have increased and so have the results. It is truly and humbly and incredible experience to be in direct contact with readers from all over the world. Our facebook has fans from Romania, to the UK, to South Africa and China. Likes to the page are increasing by 20-50 new participants a week.

We’ll report back with more news in the SPring after the LBF. Please contact us directly with any inquiries, questions and/or comments. We always love to hear from you!

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