Sven Hassel Los Panzer De La Muerte novela gráfica

Weidenfeld & Nicolson to publish Sven Hassel graphic novel

Wheels of Terror: The Graphic Novel vividly captures the violence and inhumanity of the Second World War, and is published to mark the 70th anniversary of the conflict’s conclusion.

From the blistering cold of the Russian steppe to the horrors of tank warfare and the grim realities of life on the Eastern Front, Wheels of Terror has been adapted to graphic novel format by Sven Hassel’s family and Spanish artist Jordy Diago, whose illustrations vividly capture the gritty, gory detail of the novel.

Based on the book that inspired many of today’s leading war comics, the graphic novel has already won support from leading names in the comics world

‘An excellent and faithful adaptation of the classic anti-war novel by Sven Hassel’
Pat Mills, author of CHARLEY’S WAR

‘Jordy Diago is to be complimented for his achievements; I certainly hope to see more from him’
Garth Ennis, author of PREACHER

‘This is a book of horrors. And should be left alone by those prone to nightmares… A great war novel’


Wheels of Terror: The Graphic Novel will be published in paperback and eBook on 1 October 2015.

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