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Eight of the 14-series Sven Hassel titles have been translated into the German language for the first time. The remaining are in production. The first few translations are undergoing a second rigorous proof-reading thanks to Brolancon Language Services to ensure that Hassel’s genuine voice and style is carried through to the German language. The books...Continue reading

Sven Hassel novels released in audiobook format

The Scandinavian Publishing Giant, Saga Egmont, is now launching the release of the Sven Hassel series in audiobook format in various languages. They have released 10 titles (of the 14 titled-series) in English, 4 in the German language, all 14 have been released in Dutch, and 9 in Finnish and Polish. The remaining titles in...

LEGION OF THE DAMNED turns 65 this year!

The year of 2018 marks the 65th Anniversary of Hassel’s first novel, THE LEGION OF THE DAMNED. It was first published in 1953 in Denmark and has until this day been sold in bookshops around the world, without any sales breaks. In 1957, after the release of the Danish edition, the novel was translated into...

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