GLI Sporchi Dannati Di Cassino

Sven Hassel novel sells 439 copies in one day

The Italian Sven Hassel MONTE CASSINO novel, "Gli Sporchi Dannati Di Cassino," sold 439 copies on the Online Retail Giant,, on April 16th. The novel had been pre-selected by Amazon for a one-day special offer, selling the epub for a reduced price. Whether this high number is due to the current Pandemic and consequent...Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Book of the Month Promotion

Eight of the 14-series Sven Hassel titles have been translated into the German language for the first time. The remaining are in production. The first few translations are undergoing a second rigorous proof-reading thanks to Brolancon Language Services to ensure that Hassel’s genuine voice and style is carried through to the German language. The books...Continue reading

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