Sven Hassel eNews 2013 Annual Frankfurt Book Fair

The Annual Frankfurt Book Fair

News from the various territories include: "The Glorious Defeat" is to be published in Denmark and Sweden this fall, and there is a definite interest in Croatia and Poland. In the English language territory, Orion Publishing Group is in the midst of a complete Sven Hassel rebrand and marketing, including 14 new covers, an omnibus...Continue reading

Sven Hassel eNews 2013 On Twitter

We are now on Twitter!

We have now launched a Twitter page, along with our Official facebook page which has run since 2009. This will be a new outlet to tweet to readers of all upcoming news, such as new language releases, upcoming projects, ebook sales outlets, etc. Facebook has been such an important tool for us to reconnect with...Continue reading

Sven Hassel eNews 2013 Orion eBook

Orion Publishing Group is launching a completely rebranded Sven Hassel e-Book compilation

Orion Publishing Group is launching a completely rebranded Sven Hassel E-Book compilation. The new covers are truly reminiscent of the series' roots and original covers from the 50's-60's. "Legion of the Damned", "Comrades of War", "March Battalion", and "Wheels of Terror" are available for purchase directly from Orion through various outlets including iTunes and for...Continue reading

Sven Hassel eNews 2012 Passing

Sven Hassel’s passing

It is with a deep sorrow and a void in our hearts that we inform you of Sven Hassel’s passing, this Friday September 21st, at 95 years of age. Sven’s health had been deteriorating rapidly, especially in the last few days, and although he fought bravely till the end, his heart finally gave away. It...Continue reading

Sven Hassel eNews 2012 Spring

Spring 2012 News: For Publishers & Agents

The London Book Fair, 2012 proved to be a fantastic opportunity to meet up with our agents and discuss novelties in regards to the Hassel series, in particular the launching of ebooks. Among other things we discussed the launching of this new website, complete with a guestbook and bookstore section. Also, Sven Hassel made it...Continue reading

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